Kiel Economics

Presentations & Workshops

The Kiel Economics economists are acknowledged experts on the world economy, economic change, and financial markets. In addition, they are leading specialists in methods of analysing and forecasting. Let our experts bring you, your employees, and/or your associates up to date!

The main focus of these events can be either on current economic situation or on forecasting methods, depending on interest and audience. At your event, experts of Kiel Economics talk about the economic situation, the world economy, and capital markets and cover the most important economic trends (always based on the latest economic analyses and prognoses of Kiel Economics). You decide which topic area will be emphasised (e.g. labour market, China, changes in demography, forecasting methods, etc.).

A practical way of expanding economic knowledge within your firm or institution is a presentation given by an expert of Kiel Economics. Our two-to three-hour workshops, together with your employees, prospects or experts, go even more into detail and offer remarkable insights into the latest economic methods and forecasting tools.