Economic Forecasts

Kiel Economics

Economic Forecasts

The economic forecasts published by Kiel Economics twice a year focus primarily on Germany. Additionally, they contain analyses and forecasts of the cylical situation in the Euro area, the US, and of the world in a global perspective. Our reports cover in-depth analyses of the economic situation with an intense awareness of decisive developments and forecasts for the main economic indicators. The forecast horizon is 5 years.

The core of the reports consists of a comprehensive economic forecast about the German economy which covers the following areas in great detail:

  • GDP and its components (private consumption, investment, exports and imports)
  • The labour market
  • Monetary policy and financial markets
  • Wages and prices
  • Public finances

The major advantage of our products is that we offer insights into the German economy that are far beyond what is published in mainstream media. The short-term forecast has a horizon of at least 2 years. It is augmented by the long-term projection with an horizon of 5 years.

The German economy is highly intertwined with the world trade. Consequently the cyclical situations in other regions are essential for understanding the economic development in Germany. For that reason do our reports contain economic forecasts for the rest of the Euro area, the US, and an assessment of the world economy at an aggregated level. These forecasts are produced independently by Kiel Economics, based on own analyses and models. As a result, our forecasts ensure remarkable consistency.

The forecasts of Kiel Economics are usually published every December and June. They contain approximately 35 pages and include several illustrations, informative tables, and give unique insights into the German economy.